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Volume 1

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Picture File oswb0001-t.jpg Bentley Warren with his trademark red bandana driving Howard Purdy's "little deuce". He won in this car in 1969, (not to mention the other 5!). Picture File oswb0002-t.jpg Joe Hlywka from Toronto in the Dick Lawless chevy. The grey in back is from where they had to put a big tank in for the Oswego Classic. Picture File oswb0003-t.jpg Sonny McHenry in the "Lone Merc" at the 1968 Oswego classic.
Picture File oswb0004-t.jpg Eldon Schrader from Sturgis, Michigan in the yellow Ernie and Bob June #59. This car was also driven by Neil Tooley, Jack Thomas, and, after Eldon, Jimmy Winks. Picture File oswb0005-t.jpg The biggest challenge to Nolan Swift in the late 60's, Jim Shampine in his hot 8-ball. When his "wedge" car didn't work out, he went back to this car. Jim won a lot of features in this car, but notice how it is setup, with the motor in the center and the driver offset to the left. Jim's next car reversed this, with the motor offset to the left and the driver down the center line, and he won the 1970 Oswego Classic. Nowadays, of course, everybody has their motor radically offset to the left. Picture File oswb0006-t.jpg Jim Howard in his Dodge powered rear engine super. With it's independent rear suspension, this was one of the first good rear-engined cars. It never did real well in the classic, however.
Picture File oswb0007-t.jpg Norm Mackereth's #40. He bought this car from Gordy Dukes who won the classic in 1965 in it. Norm later sold it to Jim Gray of Oswego, who lived right by the track. The beautiful number 98 roadster is Walt Riley from Hamilton, Ontario. This is the same car driven by Andy Brown in the 1971 classic. Picture File oswb0008-t.jpg Jerry writes in: "My brother and I owned this # 21 car out of buffalo new york.. we ran the car from 1965 thru 1968. It was a white car with gold wheels.. That was Kenny Barthomew not John Logan. John never drove it. first drivers were:
1. Mort Anderson
2. Jim Greasley
3. Kenny Bartholmew
4. Bentley Warren
5. Art Bennett
6. Tom York
7. Wayne Landon
and I am sure I missed a couple. I am retired but still come up to Oswego 4 or 5 times a year.. P.S. The # 21 frame sits in Billy Laws machine shop yard. Jerry
Picture File oswb0009-t.jpg A view of the pits for the Oswego Classic. What year...I don't know, maybe '69 or '70.
Picture File oswb0010-t.jpg Ollie Silva of Haverhill, Mass. Ollie raced a lot up and down the east coast, but always stopped in for the Oswego Classic. Picture File oswb0011-t.jpg Picture File oswb0012-t.jpg Fred Graves from Central Square, NY. This car had a sprinter style rear, but he squared it off to get the big tank in for the Oswego Classic. This must be '68, because in '69 had had a red #37.
Picture File oswb0013-t.jpg Baldy Baker in the yellow #24 (usually #22). Sam Sessions I think in the white Sammy's Garage #21 with the big tank cut into the back. Picture File oswb0014-t.jpg Start of a heat at the '68 Oswego Classic weekend, I think. Picture File oswb0015-t.jpg Start of a heat at the '68 Oswego Classic weekend, I think.