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Picture File os017-t.jpg Jim Shampine in the 8-Ball at Oswego. Picture File os018-t.jpg Oswego. Another Shampine car, but I'm not so sure that he's the driver.Possibly, this is Ron Gamble. Picture File os019-t.jpg Oswego. John Clapham in the Rutledge Rocket. Clapham came up to Star and won the NH Classic. I think it was with this car.
Picture File os020-t.jpg Oswego. Nolan Swift in the 10 Pins. This has to be one of the top five best looking supers ever! Picture File os021-t.jpg Ollie Silva from Haverhill, MA. In his day, Ollie was Mr. Supermodified in New England. I remember this car painted black with the same tilted "0". It doesn't look fast, but the guy sure could drive it. Picture File os022-t.jpg No idea who this is. Possibly Andy Brown in his gold and purple roadster.
Picture File os023-t.jpg Jim Gray from Oswego (originally from Toronto) running at Oswego in an ex-Norm Mackereth, ex-Gordon Dukes car. Picture File os024-t.jpg "Snortin" John Norton from London, Ontario. The car is the "Currie Brothers Steel Erection Special". It normally ran as number 18, but ran as number 81 when it qualified 26th for the 1970 classic. Picture File os025-t.jpg Maybe the first ex-indy roadster to run at Oswego, I think Billy Vess drove it in 61-62. It was an ex Tony Bettenhausen car and Joe Orso drove the same car owned by Andy Susco in 69-70. This must be a picture of Susco owned, Orso driven car. It was gold and blue-real clean but not real fast,but they tried real hard. #96 was Joe's number at Brewerton for years-he passed away last year (1998).
Picture File os026-t.jpg No idea who this is. Picture File os027-t.jpg Mark Letcher in the Dick Ranier number 29. Picture File os028-t.jpg Al Wood at Oswego, 1970.
Picture File os029-t.jpg Picture File os030-t.jpg This must be John Burkholder from Toronto, Ontario in a car he bought from Bill Corbin. Picture File os031-t.jpg Coming off the 4th turn at Oswego, it looks like either Jim Chenie in Dave Kane's No. 1 or John Burkholder from Toronto, Ontario leading. I don't know who the middle car is. The third car is a car that, in 1972, was owned by the Austin brothers from Syracuse, NY and driven by Ray Sand from 71 to 74 as number 71. But I think this is a 1970 picture, and I don't know who drove it or owned it, or what number it was then.