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Picture File RonNeal-t.jpg Ron Neal had this "sidecar" at the 1965 Sandusky Classic. Inside was a 327 Corvette engine. On the left side sat the driver!? Of course, unless your driver weighed 600 lbs, you would want your motor offset to the left, not your driver. In the background is the #44 Buick of Buddy Miller. Picture File ToddGibson-t.jpg Oh man! Todd Gibson! This is a 1965 shot of his car (327 Chevy). His car was the "Flintstone Flyer", but we all called him "Hot Toddie". Todd was big at Sandusky, Ohio and did well at the Oswego Classic for many years. His son, Gene Lee Gibson is, of course, quite the racer as well. Must be a genetic component in there somewhere. At the 1965 Sandusky Classic, Todd won the Fast Car Dash and the Feature in this car. Picture File TomYork-t.jpg Tom York at the Sandusky Classic, 1965 with his #27 roadster.
Picture File WayneLandon1-t.jpg Wayne Landon at the 1965 Sandusky Classic. Picture File WayneLandon2-t.jpg Wayne Landon at the 1965 Sandusky Classic. Picture File Wieske-Hylwka-t.jpg Joe Hylwka in the #23 and Leon Wieske in the 551 at the 1965 Sandusky Classic.
Picture File GeorgeFosco-t.jpg George Fosco with his "Perma Glas-Mesh Special" at the 1965 Sandusky Classic. Picture File Wm9-t.jpg Here's a pic of Wayne McGuire at Oswego in either 65 or 66 I believe. One of our local [West Virginia] favorites, Wayne used to come up there and run the "Classic" in the early 1960's. Wayne iss still (September '99) living in eastern Kentucky and, as far as I know, is in pretty good health except that his eyesight is poor. Wayne always had one leg shorter than the other (he wore a builtup shoe and was actually crippled). Well, he had to have knee surgery a few years ago (us old people have to have that done sometimes) and it left him with legs the same length thus curing his problem. Picture File dgeorge-t.jpg Dick George at the New Paris Speedway, July 1, 1956. Dick took the 4th heat and the feature tied his own record in qualifying with a 16 seconds flat run.
Picture File dgood-t.jpg Dick Good at Columbus, 1958. Picture File dgood2-t.jpg Dick Good. Picture File hs-t.jpg Harold Smith in Columbus, 1958.
Picture File tomy-t.jpg Tom York, Anderson. Picture File dw23-t.jpg The cover of "Who's Who in Racing", 1963. Supermodifieds. Gordy Dukes in the 76, Baldy Baker and the #54, Ed Moketine and the 292. Jim Liccardi writes in: "Pictured is Ed Moketine in the 292. when I was a kid he stayed one time at the motel on 104 just east of the speedway and there was a restaurant right next door. When my family came out from eating dinner they were working on the car in the parking lot, so we went over to talk to the men and when they were ready to go up to the track they let my cousin's and myself ride up on the trailer and sit in the car going up to the track. the car was a bright, almost a flouresent pink with black numbers and trim." Picture File dw24-t.jpg From "Who's Who in Racing", 1963. Supermodifieds. John Auxter, Leo Caldwell in the #99, Karl Busson, and "Chuck" Huber in the B61.