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Picture File PB_SD-016-t.jpg Speedrome. Picture File PB_SD-020-t.jpg Speedrome. This is the #9 of Norm Rust. Picture File PB_SD-021-t.jpg Speedrome. The #17 of Ed VanderLaan.
Picture File PB_SD-022-t.jpg Speedrome. This is the Warren Nulls owned #27 driven by Tom York. Picture File PB_SD-023-t.jpg Speedrome. Picture File PB_SD-024-t.jpg Speedrome. I think that this is #62 of Dick Good. But in the background you can see the red & white Chevy El-Camino and the #7 Super of Max Dower.
Picture File PB_SD-025-t.jpg Speedrome. 1964 picture of the Harvey Lennox car, the Tammy Ten. Harv was in Grand Rapids on August 8, 1964 and won a major event. Picture File PB_SD-026-t.jpg Speedrome. The Lone Merc of Harry Jones. I see that Harry used an alternative fuel in those early days. (Note can of Budweiser on Left Rear) Picture File PB_SD-028-t.jpg Speedrome.
Picture File PB_SD-029-t.jpg Speedrome. Picture File PB_SD-030-t.jpg Speedrome. This is the #43 of Johnnie McRae, it is the same car as the #85 of Gordon Johncock. This car had several top 5's & 10's and finished ninth in the '62 Classic. It was later sold to Dick Jarrett Sr. of Mexico, N.Y. Notice the tire and wheel inside car. (A trick learned from Jack Conley). Picture File JMcRae2-t.jpg Johnnie McRae -- #43 at the Speedrome circa 1963.
Picture File JMcRae1-t.jpg Johnnie McRae in the Bingo 5. Picture File PB_SD-031-t.jpg Speedrome. Picture File PB_SD-032-t.jpg Speedrome.
Picture File PB_SD-033-t.jpg Speedrome. Picture File PB_SD-034-t.jpg Speedrome.