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Picture File PB_SD-035-t.jpg 1965 or 1966 at the Speedrome. Working on the Tammy Ten. Harv Lennox brought his super to Grand Rapids and finished 5th on 4/30/66. Picture File PB_SD-036-t.jpg Speedrome. Picture File PB_SD-037-t.jpg Speedrome.
Picture File PB_SD-038-t.jpg Speedrome. Picture File PB_SD-040-t.jpg Speedrome. This is the Norm Rust #9-Note the sponsor on the tail section, "Jack's Speed Shop", This is Jack Conely. Picture File LH_OS-001-t.jpg Jim Winks in the Doug Duncan owned super from Canada.1980.
Picture File LH_OS-002-t.jpg Jim Winks in the Howard Purdy " Little Duce". 1973-74. Picture File LH_OS-003-t.jpg John Logan driving the Max Dowker car #7-1975. Picture File LH_OS-004-t.jpg Jim Shampine
Picture File LH_OS-005-t.jpg Jim Shampine's rear engined super. Picture File LH_OS-006-t.jpg Jim Shampine Picture File LH_OS-007-t.jpg Jim Shampine
Picture File LH_OS-008-t.jpg Mike McLaughlin - 1983. Picture File LH_OS-009-t.jpg A Bill Hite 4-wheel drive rear engine car with Fred Graves at the wheel.-1977. Picture File LH_OS-010-t.jpg The 38 of Fred Graves - 1978.