www.retroRockets.org Retro Rockets - Photo Archive Volume 29

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Picture File LH_OS-011-t.jpg The 39 of Fred Graves - 1976. Picture File LH_OS-012-t.jpg Chet Fillip in the 24, 1979. Picture File LH_OS-013-t.jpg Todd Gibson in the #0 rear engined Flintstone Flyer, 1974.
Picture File LH_OS-014-t.jpg Ken Andrews in the 55, 1973-74. Picture File LH_OS-015-t.jpg Warren Coniam in the Canadian owned Dave McKnight Sr. #6. 1977-78. Picture File LH_OS-016-t.jpg Warren Coniam in theBill Port owned # 54. 1979.
Picture File LH_OS-017-t.jpg Wayne Landon in his #83 roadster. 1977. Picture File LH_OS-018-t.jpg Eddie Bellinger in the 02. 1974. Picture File LH_OS-019-t.jpg Chuck Ciprich in the Ron Buckner owned #36-1978.
Picture File LH_OS-020-t.jpg Gary Allbritain in Ed Bowley's Flyin 5-1978. Picture File LH_OS-021-t.jpg Geoff Bodine in the rear engined #99, the Former Mario Andretti Indy car-1972. Picture File LH_OS-022-t.jpg Jim Cheney in the John Pallotta Solvay Automotive #04-1976.
Picture File LH_OS-023-t.jpg Nolan Swift in the 10 Pins-1972 Picture File LH_OS-024-t.jpg Nolan Swift in the last car that he built in 1976. This picture was taken in 1977. The following year, (1978), while trying to qualify it for the Port City 150 event at Oswego, he blew the motor while trying to qualify, ending the career of this legend. A few weeks later he sold the car to Ron Gapski. Picture File LH_OS-025-t.jpg This picture of Warren Coniam was taken at Shangri-la Speedway in 1983. Warren was driving for fellow Canadian Doug Duncan.