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Picture File oswb0031-t.jpg Warren Coniam? in the #46 Rutledge Rocket. "Gentleman" Jack Greedy in the 01, Fred Graves out front in the brown and unpainted #92, Billy Yuma in the orange sprinter. Looks like a heat race at Oswego, 1968. Picture File oswb0032-t.jpg Tony Lavati from North Olmstead, Ohio in the distinctive white #4. Picture File oswb0033-t.jpg A shot of the pits before the (1969?) Oswego Classic. The Bhenke Trucking red #60, the white #2 "little deuce", Ollie Silva.
Picture File oswb0034-t.jpg Jack Lindhout usually drove this car, but my mom says that Johnny Benson drove it one year and that it kind of looks like him. I seem to remember Johnny wrecking his #21 "white tornado" and bringing this car to Oswego only to fail to qualify. Jim Liccardi writes in: "According to my records Benson only ran the Classic 3 times-66,67, 68,. this could be Bennett or Lindhout, he's a little short though for Jack, but definitely not Benson." Picture File oswb0035-t.jpg Nolan Swift in the 10-pins getting a push off. This car was hard to beat and he later sold it to Bryan Osgood. Nolan, of course, is one of Oswego's early superstars, moving from modified stockers to supermodifieds. Picture File oswb0036-t.jpg Norm Mackereth from New Toronto, Ontario in his light blue #40 roadster. Mackereth never owned these Hagen-Howard cars. Norm Hagen and Lyle Howard did in fact buy Todd's car, but not from him. Todd originally sold it to a fellow by the name of Jim Quinn, but the car was too much for him to handle and they jumped at the chance to buy it. Once they got it home to Fulton they immediately started to build an exact copy of it. Norm had the luxury of have 2 cars at his disposal until they went the team route and put various drivers in it. This particular car is the copy.
Picture File oswb0037-t.jpg Gordon Dukes from Findlay, Ohio refused to paint his new super until he won a race in it. Here he is looking it over after piling it into the first turn wall at Oswego. This crash wrecked a suspension part and he missed the 1969 Oswego Classic. The car that Dukes was running here at this time was actually a 4-wheel drive car, not many people knew it though. what happened in this accident was the drive to the front end broke and locked up on him so he could no longer steer the car. Picture File oswb0038-t.jpg Gordon Dukes from Findlay, Ohio refused to paint his new super until he won a race in it. Unfortunately, he piled it into the first turn wall and missed the 1969 Oswego Classic. Picture File oswb0039-t.jpg John Casey from Buffalo, NY in the beautiful maroon #88 roadster.
Picture File oswb0040-t.jpg Canadian "gentleman" Jack Greedy in his white #01. Picture File oswb0041-t.jpg A shaky picture of Jim Shampine in his "wedge". The car never ran as good as he thought it would, so he later switched back to his old "8-ball". He wound up redoing this car - it came back with a straight snub-nose and without the radiators. Jimmy built this car for the 69 season. He dialed it in during the season while he still ran his old car (that he first ran in 63and re-built for the 66 season) and won only one feature for 69. Seems like Art Bennet or Johnny Logan in the #14. Picture File oswb0042-t.jpg Mark Letcher from Kirkville, NY in the distinctive white #29.
Picture File oswb0043-t.jpg Either Jack Lindhout or Johnny Benson in the red Bhenke Trucking #60 racing Red Barnhart in the blue and white #66. Notice the huge fuel tank Red put on his car for this 1969 classic after running out of fuel while leading the 1968 classic. Picture File oswb0044-t.jpg "Animal" Andy Brown from Hamilton, Ontario in his gold and purple #00 roadster. In the off season, Andy played goalie for Detroit (one of the last goalies to not wear a mask). This year, Andy was had a driving cast on his broken right forearm. Picture File oswb0045-t.jpg A shaky picture of Jim Shampine in his green 8-ball. The blue #9 (91) roadster is Steve Lenhert from North Olmstead, Ohio.
Denny Hudock writes in " This car was discovered to be the Eddie Sachs Dean Van Lines Indy Roadster, and was restored to it's orginal glory and is now in New England."