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Picture File LH_OS-026-t.jpg Bobby Stelter in the Solvay Automotive #04, also at Shangri-la in 1980. Picture File LH_OS-027-t.jpg Kempton Dates at Oswego in 1984. Picture File LH_OS-028-t.jpg Kempton Dates at Oswego. This car was fast but not reliable, which kept himout of the top 5 for the 1983 season.
Picture File LH_OS-029-t.jpg This is 1968 Oswego Track Champ. Todd Gibson-1986. Picture File LH_OS-030-t.jpg Kempton Dates at Oswego In 1978. Picture File LH_OS-031-t.jpg Warren Coniam coming off the 4th corner at Oswego. Coniam reunited with Clyde Booth for the 1985 season.
Picture File LH_OS-032-t.jpg This is Ohioan Dave Shullick in the Clyde Booth #99 during the 1984 season. Picture File LH_OS-033-t.jpg Butch Fedewa in the 1. Picture File LH_OS-034-t.jpg Jerry Carman in the 10.
Picture File LH_OS-035-t.jpg This was car was Max Dowker's Titanium car. It was destroyed at Oswego on Aug. 26, 1978. Because of the way the car bent up so easily, Oswego banned the metal titanium from further use at the track. Picture File LH_OS-036-t.jpg Bill Davis in the 96. Picture File LH_OS-037-t.jpg John McLaren in the 13.
Picture File LH_OS-038-t.jpg Ricky Ott in the 33. Picture File LH_OS-039-t.jpg Who is this in the 61? Possibly Rat Lane - the car was seen at Oswego for one year only. Possibly Rick Otts. Picture File LH_OS-040-t.jpg Sam Sessions in the 71.