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Picture File PB_SA004-t.jpg Dick Good's beautiful white and red #59 indy roadster. Picture File PB_SA005-t.jpg Red #72 "Ambrose Special" sprinter. 1965 at Sandusky. Word is that Johnny Logan was driving this. Picture File PB_SA006-t.jpg White "M4" upright supermodified. 1965 Speedrome?
Picture File PB_SA007-t.jpg The famous "Bingo 151". Checking in for the 1965 Sandusky Classic. Picture File PB_SA008-t.jpg Another shot of Jack Conley pulling in for the 1965 Sandusky Classic, tire in the cockpit, no paint on the car. Picture File PB_SA009-t.jpg The white #15 "Hoosier Racing Tire Special" sprinter. 1965 Speedrome?
Picture File PB_SA010-t.jpg The blue #87 "Capitol City Speed Shop/Model Coverall" upright super. 1965 Speedrome? "Wild Bill Deninger-Lansing. Seen 'em flip down the backstretch at the Speedrome in '65." - Jerry Vogel Picture File PB_SA011-t.jpg 1965 Speedrome? Bob Shaddock's Car...driven by Carl Schallow. Picture File PB_SA012-t.jpg Is this Jimmy Nelson's car? 1965 Speedrome?
Picture File PB_SA013-t.jpg Beautiful light blue #38 USAC sprinter 1965 Speedrome or Sandusky? Picture File PB_SA014-t.jpg The blue #87 "Capitol City Speed Shop/Model Coverall" upright super. 1965 Speedrome? Wild Bill Denninger from Lansing driving. Picture File PB_SA015-t.jpg Casey Jones' white and red #3 "Little Chevy" upright supermodified. Sandusky, 1965?
Picture File PB_SA016-t.jpg 1965 Speedrome? I think Cy Fairchild drove this car. "Never fear, Yogi's here". Is this car the future "Strip Teaser" that Nolan Johncock drove? Picture File PB_SA017-t.jpg 1965 I think. Classic shot of Dick Dunshee's blue #66 sitting in the pits at the Speedrome, Bobby Senneker's blue #84 1957 Chevy is parked right in the next pit. Two of the few stockers on this website. Picture File PB_SA018-t.jpg 1965 Speedrome? Red "J&D Motor Sales Special". Boy, who is this? The face looks real familiar.