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Picture File PB_SY028-t.jpg 1965 Sandusky. Norm Mackereth's upright #40 supermodified. Picture File PB_SY029-t.jpg 1965 Sandusky. Lining up to start racing. Picture File PB_SY030-t.jpg 1965 Sandusky. A great shot of "Tinker" Joe Martincic in front of the beautiful red #25 roadster.
Picture File PB_SY031-t.jpg 1965 Sandusky. Wayne McGuire's blue #41 upright supermodified. Picture File PB_SY032-t.jpg 1965 Sandusky. Benny Rapp's white and red #14 sprinter. Picture File PB_SY033-t.jpg 1965 Sandusky. Yellow #44 upright supermodified. I thought this was Baldy Baker, but
Les Bowman Jr. writes in: "Your volume #35 shows a photo of a yellow # 44. Buddy Miller drove that car and I believe he also owned it.
Baldy Baker was driving his own # 62 asphalt sprint car in 65 powered by a big block Ford.
Picture File qqq1-t.jpg Geoff Bodine in what is, I think, the first ex-indy rear engined car to run at Oswego. This car is the rear engine car that Mario Andretti drove to a third place finish as a rookie at Indy. His best finish in the car was a fourth place on June 3, 1972. Picture File qqq2-t.jpg Geoff Bodine in his rear engine car. Picture File Harv2-t.jpg Harv Lennox in the "Tammy Ten".
Picture File Harv-24-4-t.jpg "Canadian motorsports hall of fame driver Harvey Lennox checks out this replica of his 1960's era supermodified race car, Tammy 10. The car has been built by Bob Brown, centre, of Burlington. In the background, Londoner Fred Starr stands with another replica, the No. 38 supermodified driven in the 60's by Jimmy Howard of Burlington. The cars were displayed last weekend to promote the London Vintage Super MModified Stock Cars organization, which stages vintage car races at area tracks". Picture File RG_BN-1976-001-t.jpg Supermodifieds at Berlin Raceway 1976 Bill McClure Picture File RG_BN-1976-002-t.jpg Supermodifieds at Berlin Raceway 1976 Dean Best
Picture File RG_BN-1976-003-t.jpg Supermodifieds at Berlin Raceway 1976 Duane Spangler. Picture File RG_BN-1976-004-t.jpg Supermodifieds at Berlin Raceway 1976 Johnny Logan. Picture File RG_BN-1976-005-t.jpg Supermodifieds at Berlin Raceway 1976 Larry Blaisdell.