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Picture File DOF_PA-008-t.jpg 1967, Mobile, Alabama.Donnie Hamilton and Ellis Palasini in practice session for the 1967 300. Picture File DOF_PA-009-t.jpg 1967, Mobile, Alabama. Armond Holley (car #12) from Columbus Mississippi sat on the pole at the 1967 World 300. Went on to bigger and better things with a motor behind him. Picture File DOF_PA-010-t.jpg 1967, Mobile, Alabama. Hooker Hood (car #1) from Memphis Tennessee. Famous super driver. Father of Ricky. Still competing in 360's.
Picture File DOF_PA-011-t.jpg 1967, Mobile, Alabama. Jimmy Griggs (car #11) from Donelson Tennessee. Long time modified star in the southeast. Many time track champion at Nashville Speedway. Picture File DOF_PA-012-t.jpg 1967, Mobile, Alabama. Bill White (car #91) from Waco Texas. Texas sprint and super driver. This car was owned by someone in Pensacola. Picture File DOF_PA-013-t.jpg 1967, Mobile, Alabama. Amromnd Holley in the #12.
Picture File DOF_PA-014-t.jpg 1967, Mobile, Alabama. Wayne McGuire (#41) from Grayson Kentucky. We stayed at the same motel in '67. What a great driver and a super nice man. I'm glad he's doing well. Picture File DOF_PA-015-t.jpg 1967, Mobile, Alabama. Billy Perran (car #6) from Houston Texas. I believe I saw this car in one of the Oswego volumes. Possibly painted gold? Picture File DOF_PA-016-t.jpg 1967, Mobile, Alabama. Bob Herrin (car #43) from Hattiesburg Mississippi. I believe this car has a hemi.
Picture File DOF_PA-017-t.jpg 1967, Mobile, Alabama. Bill Roynon (car #9) from Tampa Florida. This was not one of Bill's better rides. Picture File DOF_PA-018-t.jpg 1967, Mobile, Alabama. Hooker Hood (car #1) from Memphis Tennessee. Picture File DOF_PA-019-t.jpg 1967, Mobile, Alabama. Phil Wendt (car #21) from Mobile Alabama. I believe this was Bill Hite's first rear-engined car. It had engine problems at the 300.
Picture File DOF_PA-020-t.jpg 1967, Mobile, Alabama. Jim Gresley (car #7) from Ceresco Michigan. Won 1966 World 300 in this [Max Dowker] car. Picture File DOF_PA-021-t.jpg 1967, Mobile, Alabama. Sonny McHenry (car #24) from Jackson Michigan. Only Merc engine I've ever seen in a super. [Me too Dave, in fact the car was called the "Lone Merc" and a regular around the Michigan tracks. To this day my mom cries out "the Lone Merc" upon seeing it's picture.] Picture File DOF_PA-022-t.jpg 1967, Mobile, Alabama. Ray Wright (car #2) from Kalamazoo Michigan. I believe that Art Bennett drove this car at one time.