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Picture File DOF_PA-023-t.jpg 1967, Mobile, Alabama. Bob Seelman (car #15) from Lansing, Michigan. Long time in supers and sprints. Fixture at the Little 500. Drove a car in the 1966 World 300 that looked just like a Gordon Dukes roadster. Picture File DOF_PA-024-t.jpg 1967, Mobile, Alabama. Paul Crabtree (car #66) from Winchester Tennessee. Dirt track driver from middle Tennessee area. Picture File DOF_PA-025-t.jpg 1967, Mobile, Alabama. Dale Hammac (car #77) from Mobile Alabama. (see also car #66).
Picture File DOF_PA-026-t.jpg 1967, Mobile, Alabama. Ellis Palasini (car #V-8) from Leland Mississippi. Picture File DOF_PA-027-t.jpg 1965, Birmingham Alabama Fairgrounds. Wayne Niedecken (car #99) from Abilene Texas. Long time super standout from texas. Moved to Pensacola in 1966. Son Wayne Jr. is top notch late model driver. Wayne died a few years ago of lung disease I believe. Picture File DOF_PA-028-t.jpg 1965, Birmingham Alabama Fairgrounds. Fred Moore (car #R1) from Pensacola Florida. Known more as a car owner. Bill Roynon and Donnie Allison drove for him in later years with much success.
Picture File DOF_PA-029-t.jpg 1965, Birmingham Alabama Fairgrounds. Donnie Allison (car #30) from Hueytown Alabama. For those who only think of Donnie as a stock car driver, it was a thrill to see him in a super, everyone should have had the pleasure of seeing him drive these things. Two top 10's at Indy sums it up. This car is owned by Johnny Ardis of Mobile Alabama. He is in the process of restoring the car now. Johnny's cars compete in the little 500 every year. Picture File DOF_PA-030-t.jpg 1965, Birmingham Alabama Fairgrounds. Armond Holley (car #11) from Memphis Tennessee. This car was a force in the south in 1964-65. One of the fastest supers ever. Owned by the Workman Brothers of Memphis. Picture File DOF_PA-031-t.jpg 1965, Birmingham Alabama Fairgrounds. Hermn Wise (car #77) from Chamblee Georgia. Long time super and sprint star. I believe this is his first true super. Herman won the little 500 in 1971.
Picture File DOF_PA-032-t.jpg 1965, Birmingham Alabama Fairgrounds. Freddy Fryar (car #48) from Rossville Georgia. Great NASCAR modified star of 1950's - 70's. Brother, Harold Fryar also was a great dirt driver in the 60's. I believe Freddy is a crew chief for a Craftsman Truck team. Picture File DOF_PA-033-t.jpg 1965, Birmingham Alabama Fairgrounds. Ellis Palasini (car #1) from Leland Mississippi. Won 200 lapper at Mobile in 1965 in this car. Picture File DOF_PA-034-t.jpg 1965, Birmingham Alabama Fairgrounds. Ray Thomas (car #3) from Kokomo Indiana.
Picture File DOF_PA-035-t.jpg 1965, Birmingham Alabama Fairgrounds. Bill Riggs (car #88) fom Pensacola Florida. Later drove rear engine car for Bill Hite. Picture File DOF_PA-036-t.jpg 1965, Birmingham Alabama Fairgrounds. Jimmy Kitchens (car #46) from Bessemer Alabama. This car was originally owned and driven by Donnie Allison. It's no telling how old the car was (note rail frame). This looks like something Ray Harroun would have driven. Picture File DOF_PA-038-t.jpg 1965, Birmingham Alabama Fairgrounds. Ival Cooper (car #312) from Meridian Mississippi. Fixture in southeastern supers. Ival was killed in a sprint car in Mobile in the late 1980's.