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Picture File DOF_PA-039-t.jpg 1965, Birmingham Alabama Fairgrounds. Joe Holley (car #2) from Memphis Tennessee. Long time modified driver. Later drove Watson Indy roadster on Mobile-Pensacola circuit. Picture File c1-t.jpg The number 51 of Mike Stone taken at Autorama at the C.N.E. in Toronto in 1974. Picture File c2-t.jpg The number 84 of Brad Lichty from an Oswego program in 1976.
Picture File d1b-t.jpg The number 51 T.Q. midget of Mike Stone taken at the Indianapolis Speedrome in 1980. Picture File d2b-t.jpg The number 40 owned by Norm Hagen of Toronto who along with Lyle Howard of Fulton, N.Y. owned the cars that Norm Mackereth drove. Picture File d3-t.jpg The number 27 owned by Norris McDonald and driven by Mike Stone. (date unknown)
Picture File mike-t.jpg The number 51 of Mike Stone in 1974 at Oswego Picture File tues2-t.jpg Here is the number 32 of Casey Jones going over top of the 84 of Brad Lichty of Kitchener, Ontario in the Mike Stone special at Winchester in 1976 Picture File mon-am-t.jpg The number 24 of Will Cagle and a group of supers at Flamboro Speedway. 97 Rich Newell,27 Mike Stone,9 Steve Gioia,Mike Brubaker,1 Doug Heveron. That's Jim Liccardi behind the fence..."I was working on Mike Brubaker's car #24 that day. I am in the background at the fence, third person from the right, the tallest, just above Heveron's tail section."
Picture File Oct-67-t.jpg The number 511 of Mike Stone at Oswego in 1967. Picture File Oct-68-1-t.jpg The number 31 of Jim Gray of Toronto (now resides in Oswego) taken at Howards Sunoco in Fulton, N.Y. Picture File Oct-68-2-t.jpg The number 51 of Mike Stone also taken at the Sunoco.
Picture File PB_ET004-t.jpg Harold Smith out of Dayton Ohio in the Steck Buick Special. Harold was quite a regular at the Grand Rapids speedrome in the car. And, the thing was a rocket. Posting speeds of over 125 mph on the backstretch. Quite a feat at the time. Picture File PB_ET005-t.jpg Jack Lindhout in the Bhenke Trucking #14. Picture File PB_ET006-t.jpg Dean Mast in the #64 sprinter.