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Picture File oswb0046-t.jpg Shaky picture of four cars coming out of the pits at Oswego. The front two are L-R Eldon Schrader, and Ed Vanderlaan, The car on the right rear is the Benke Trucking 60 of... I think... it was Art Bennett driving it that day. Picture File oswb0047-t.jpg Joe Hlywka from Toronto in the beautiful red #9 Steve Gioia roadster. Baldy Baker from Strousburg, Ohio in his yellow upright #22. Picture File oswb0048-t.jpg Bob Stelter from Syracuse, NY in the red #4 upright.
Picture File oswb0049-t.jpg Going around the first turn at Oswego Speedway (1969?). From the lead car in order are Billy Yuma, Jack Conley, Harold Brown, I think Freddie Grave's 92, Ollie Silva outside of him, Warren Coniam 46, Jack Houseworth 18, Eldon Schrader 20, and Don MacLaren in the Bowley Flyin 5. Picture File oswb0050-t.jpg Racing down the front stretch at Oswego Speedway (1969?). The lead car is John Logan, the Bob & Ernie June 59 car with Jack Thomas, and the 00 of Andy Brown, looks like Johnny Benson in the #21 behind Andy. Picture File oswb0051-t.jpg Racing down the front stretch at Oswego Speedway (1969?).
Picture File oswb0052-t.jpg This is a picture of Marvin Pegg from Lynder, Ontario in the ex-Jimmy Howard car. 1968, Oswego. Picture File oswb0053-t.jpg Mike Stone from Toronto in the nice looking black #51. Picture File oswb0054-t.jpg Mark Letcher from Syracuse, NY in the yellow Herm Graff #15.
Picture File oswb0055-t.jpg A view of the pits at the 1969 Oswego Classic. Picture File oswb0057-t.jpg Jack Conley from Brighton, MI an engine builder by trade, built this unpainted #26. Jack's motors were awesome, even if his cars looked unkempt. Picture File oswb0058-t.jpg Looks like a car driven by Dick Bandy from South Bend, Indiana. This is the #27 driven by Jack Thomas in the 1968 Classic.
Picture File oswb0059-t.jpg Howie Scannell from Milton, Ontario. This car is an ex-Hylwka/Duncan car and I believe the owner was Norm Morton, father of current ISMA driver Gary Morton. Picture File oswb0060-t.jpg A view of the pits at the 1969 Oswego Classic. In the foreground is Nolan Johncock in the Persh Pollock #50. In the back from L-R are 45 Howie Scannell, 46 Warren Coniam, the black #51 of Canadian Mike Stone, and the white car is the tailend of #1 Gordon Dukes. Picture File oswb0061-t.jpg Bob Stelter? Sam Carista drove this car in 1969 too.