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Picture File DW_WWR1-0017-t.jpg Les Alexander, Al Jones, Boyd Martin, Skip Manning, Wayne Prechtel, Don Miller. Picture File DW_WWR1-0018-t.jpg Dean Baker, Mike Kuyken, and Art Howey standing by the #81 super, Paul Strasser, Sandusky from the air, Les Stroufe. Picture File DW_WWR1-0020-t.jpg Wins: Jack Bowser, Hans Abbott with Gordon Johncock, Dick Good in the #11, Mac Clingan, Johnny White, Kenny Nemire.
Picture File JV_M1-0002-t.jpg Bob Senneker stands in front of the #8 super. Picture File JV_M1-0003-t.jpg Dick Carter, 1965. Picture File JV_M1-0005-t.jpg Jimmie Nelson, 1965.
Picture File JV_M1-0006-t.jpg Mort Anderson, 1967. Picture File Bentley707-t.jpg This piciure is Bentley Warren at the Pines Speedway in Groveland Mass could be 59--63. Ed Perkins built this car and also the 427 car. Rick's Rod Shop has found the 707 chassis and now owns it . "It's not in good shape but it can be saved." Picture File 707chassis-t.jpg The 707 chassis as found recently by Rick's Rod Shop, with a tree growing out through the back of the frame.
Picture File Mclure-t.jpg Bill Mclure in Clarence Treiwelers "Michigander" the pic was taken at Winchester Speedway in 1976. Picture File crown_7_car-t.jpg "Hey guys look what I found!!!! I met with Ed Perkins Friday to take mesurements off his car cuz the 427 car was copied from it . When I saw the Crown 7 car siting in his small garage I was in awe . Couldn't take my eyes off it.This is a real Indy roadster. Hasn't ben touched since it last raced. Picture File benson-t.jpg Johnny Benson autographed this picture in Jim's 50th anniversary book.
Picture File tinker-t.jpg Another shot of "Tinker" Joe Martincic. Picture File 111-t.jpg Bill Hemby from Atlanta . He won many of the supermodified races with this car in 1965 in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. Picture File JoeySantos33-t.jpg Joey Santos in the #33 supermodifed at San Jose.
Picture File JoeySantos59-t.jpg Joey Santos in the Ed Hopper #59 supermodifed at San Jose. Picture File fast_joey-t.jpg Recent picture of Joey Santos in his #1 sprint.