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Picture File oswb0062-t.jpg Don McLaren from Tewksbury, Mass. in the Tewksbury Auto Parts' Flyin 5. Eldon Schrader from Sturgis. Michigan in the Les & Jack red #2. Picture File oswb0063-t.jpg A view of the pits at the 1969 Oswego Classic. Picture File oswb0064-t.jpg I believe this is "wild" Bill Hickock at the 1969 Oswego Classic.
Picture File oswb0065-t.jpg Nolan Swift from Syracuse NY driving his white 10-pins at the 1969 Oswego Classic. Picture File oswb0066-t.jpg John McLaren from Pearland Texas in this gold colored sprinter. Picture File oswb0067-t.jpg 1971 (could be '68) shot of Wayne Landon from Hastings, Michigan in the Gioia-Landon red #9 roadster.
Picture File oswb0068-t.jpg Ed VanderLaan from Grand Rapids, Michigan in the famous yellow #17 upright super. I saw this car go upside down over the third turn fence at Berlin Speedway and leave it's wing in the chain link fence (Ed was ok). Ed always gave Johnny Benson a run for his money. That's is Art Bennet from Battle Creek, MI in the white #14 upright super. Art won the 1961 classic. Picture File oswb0069-t.jpg Bruno Marcheson from Hamilton Ontario in the Howard's Sunoco #43 upright super. Picture File oswb0070-t.jpg Warren Coniam from King City, Ontario in the blue and white #46 Rutledge Rocket.
Picture File oswb0071-t.jpg I believe this is Nolan Johncock (my mom's favorite driver) in the Persh Pollock's yellow #50 pushing off for time trials Picture File oswb0072-t.jpg Gary Witter from Kitchener Ontario. Just when he was starting to come on strong, Gary was killed in the 1971 Oswego Classic. Picture File oswb0073-t.jpg Gordy Dukes from Findlay, Ohio won the 1965 Oswego Classic, but not in this car. The year he drove this car (1968), Norm Mackereth was driving the car that won the Classic.
Picture File oswb0074-t.jpg Red Barnhart from Binghampton, NY in the blue #66 Lawless Chevy roadster and Dave Covey from Brantford, Ontario in the red #22 get a pushoff. Picture File oswb0075-t.jpg "Gentleman" Jack Greedy from Toronto, Ontario in his white #01 super. Picture File oswb0076-t.jpg A picture looking back from the back of the main stands at Oswego Speedway. Lake Ontario is in the background and our red GMC pickup and camper is the first one there off the driveway.