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Picture File oswb0077-t.jpg 1967 Classic- From L-R #61 "Hammerin" Hank Mathon, the ex-Dukes car, renumbered #40 for Norm Mackereth, the gold colored car is #62 Bob Davis, the red car on the trailer I think is the #90 driven by Ron Wallace, The blue car in the foreground is the ex-Gibson car renumbered #85 for Bob Stelter. The blue #66 of Red Barnhardt, #43 of Bruno Marcheson, and the #15 of Mark Letcher. Picture File oswb0078-t.jpg Cars on the trailers waiting to register for the Oswego Classic behind the main stands. Picture File oswb0079-t.jpg A shot of the pits at the Oswego Classic (1968?).
Picture File oswb0080-t.jpg Kenny Andrews from Burlington Ontario in his beautiful white and red #55 roadster. Picture File oswb0081-t.jpg 1968 heat race-from the front row to the back-Row 1-the yellow 59 of Neil Tooley, white #o1 of Jack Greedy, Row 2-#21 Kenny Bartholomew and #46 of Warren Coniam, Row 3-#92 of Freddie Graves and the #80 of Jim Muldoon, Row 4-#18 of Jack Houseworth and the #14 of Art Bennett, Row 5-#32 of George Friend and #37 of Sam Carista, Row 6- the car on the inside I can't recognize, on the outside is #9 Wayne Landon, Row 7- can't see cars in either inside or out side, Row 8-#15 Mark Letcher and the #64 of Joe Hlywka, Row 9-#35 John Spencer and the #81 of Larry Gathman, and the yellow car rounding out the field is #52 Ron Thring. Picture File oswb0082-t.jpg Getting dark...start of the 1969 classic. The '68 classic was a day race and the cars were angle parked prior to the race for the only time ever.
Picture File oswb0083-t.jpg Getting dark...start of the 1969 classic. Picture File oswb0084-t.jpg Cars lining up for the start of the classic (1969?). Picture File 55MOD_2-t.jpg Bob Crowley raced Supers in the 60's in the Michigan area, at such tracks as Berlin, Grand Rapids Speedrome, Dixie, Mount Clemons and Capital City.This is one of his Supermodifieds at Berlin Speedway in the late 60's.
Picture File ArtBennett-t.jpg Art Bennet from Battle Creek, MI. This is the white #14 "Bhenke Express". Picture File BillDedinger-t.jpg "Wild" Bill Dedinger. Picture File BobCrowley-t.jpg Bob Crowley raced Supers in the 60's in the Michigan area, at such tracks as Berlin, Grand Rapids Speedrome, Dixie, Mount Clemons and Capital City. This is his blue #55 - must be at the Speedrome. Don Crowley, (Bob's son) "did watch him race,I was a teenager (14) in 1965. He started racing in 1957 at Mt. Clemmons Speedway with a car he also built #75, and later in the early 60's he raced another car he built #76 at Capital City Speed way in Lansing and Dixie Speedway."
Picture File DickCarter-t.jpg Dick Carter raced at Berlin in Marne, MI. I believe he raced on the dirt and then on asphalt once they paved it. Dick was awesome at that track and ruled on many a Saturday night. I think he got killed there, but I don't remember the specifics of the accident. Picture File HarryJones_2-t.jpg Harry Jones. Picture File JimNelson2-t.jpg Jimmy Nelson's #8 that he drove at every track in Michigan, this car was later driven by Bob Carnes after Nelson's death. I remember Jimmy "just standing on it" at the Speedrome in Comstock Park (before they put US131 through the middle of the track). What a show he would put on! Jimmy was killed there drving Norm Rust's "Flyin' 9" in an accident involving Randy Sweet. I was a little kid then, but I'll never forget him.