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"The Inimitable 151". This Bingo 151 car was driven at the 1967 Sandusky Classic by Johnny Logan. I think Max Dowker built this car and it was also driven by Sam Sessions, Art Bennett, Mort Andresen, and Ken Crampton. In it's early years, the car was owned by Pete Webster, and originally driven by Nelson Ward. At that time the car was Bingo 5. John Gradentski of Vermontville built the engine. The number was changed to Bingo 151 when Sam Sessions took over the car after Nelson Ward was killed at Owsego.
After talking with John McRae momentarily in the pits after the '99 classic, I went back in the archives and found the official entry list for the 1966 classic that indeed has John McRae driving it that year.
From the archives of the Ron Nielsen Family.
Thanks to Bob (Rwdrpmi@aol.com).
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