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1967, Mobile, Alabama. The #71 of Donnie Hamilton from Santa Anna, California. I was told that this car was at one time driven by Billy Vukovich Jr. This one burned to the ground after a low speed rear-ender on the main straight in the 300. To say the least, the track was not prepared for a major alcohol fire.
Jim Thurman writes in :"His name is Don Hamilton and he raced out of El Cajon, California, not Santa Ana. The car is one of the famous Peat Brothers "T". This car, with Don Edmunds and then Bob Hogle at the wheel, dominated the San Diego Racing Association Modified Sportsman (their name for caged Sprints/Supers) in 1966 and 1967. Billy Vukovich Jr. did in fact drive the car, at Cajon, I was there that night! (he threw a heck of a tantrum after a heat race incident, standing in the cockpit and pounding his fists on the top of the car as the cars lined up to exit the track)
I had heard the car burned to the ground at an open race in Mobile, Alabama, but hadn't seen a picture. What a great shot it is to see this car on what sadly proved to be it's last day. I had read the Peat Brothers also ran (or were planning on running) a few other events in the South on this trip, one being Pensacola, Florida. Don Hamilton went on to win the 1973 CRA Sprint Car championship.
The SDRA didn't allow wings, so the Peat Bros. T ran without one at Cajon. The brothers built two more cars, one of which was raced in Northern California and Washington for years and the other which reportedly met it's demise on an Iowa dirt track."
From the archives of David Findlay
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