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Fred Graves from Central Square, NY in the Bill Marsh #37. I'm pretty sure that this is not a picture of Jim Shampine - it's Kempton Dates from Red Creek, New York and his first no.28 super, which he patterned after Jimmy's highly successful 8-Ball (shown in oswb0005.jpg in volume 1). Kemp used the same "engine on the centerline, driver offset to the left" design. Although this car never worked as well as Jimmy's, Kemp, became a master at building supers for many years at "The Big O". He went on to build several cars, not only for himself but for other owners and drivers as well. If memory serves me correctly, this is also the car that Dates launched over the wall in the second turn and through the billboard! The car was immediately christened, and the "Red Creek Rocket" was born!
From the archives of the Ronald D. Nielsen Family. Thanks to Bill Gilman. Thanks to Jim Liccardi.
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