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1973 at Star. Dave Humphries (sp?) driving the car usually driven by Howie Brown. Howie had a lot of success in this car and was a local driver from Epping.
Dave Thomas writes in: "Pontiac power was very unusual at this time. The original owner was Danny (?). The car was newin 1966 at Trenton, NJ and Mario Andretti (then 16 years old) "begged" to drive the car, and Danny told him to come back when he had a little more experience! (Ha Ha!) Also... This is the car that Bentley Warren got in trouble with U.S.A.C. with when he drove under a different name. The throttle stuck in the car. It was an truly awful accident where Bentley ended up breaking both his legs, Amos Bird was seriously injured, and police officer Dick Preston lost both of his legs. I (Dave Thomas) was inside of Bentley on the restart when it happened."
From the archives of Tom Robichaud. Thanks to Dave Thomas et.al.
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