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Billy Murphy the "Flying Irishman" bought this car from Bob Hamke, who built it. By the time these pictures were taken in '72, this car's technology was well out of date, but no one told Bill and he continued to race and win.
Dave Thomas writes in: " Paul Richardson is in the yellow shirt. Bobby Allison (the former W.C. driver) won alot of races with this car in Florida. My father would love to find and restore this car and notes that this car by no means would be considered out of date at this time, he says it was still an extremely fast car."
Brad Sargent writes in: "This is the pic of Billy Murphy's car but before he bought it it was also driven by Bobby Allison Donnie Allison and Red Farmer. But back then it was the #119 and had 101 feature wins when Bill purchased it from Bob Hamke. As far as [I] know it is the chassis used under the #5 coupe body antique racer of Dave Scott."
From the archives of Tom Robichaud. Thanks to Dave Thomas et. al. Thanks to Brad Sargent. Thanks to Robby Hamke.
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