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The 54 Ford race up in Canada. The big story for the 1954 season was the new car that could be won by the driver who won the A Feature in the fastest time (i.e. no cautions). Bill Wiltse won in early August in a time of 6:48.8 and prevailed at season's end. The fellow who set second quick time was Jack Sharpe who is shown to the left of Bill. Tom Hicks' father, who was a car owner at the time, claims that Bill was running methanol as opposed to gasoline, and that the car was maintained out of Graham's garage in nearby Watford (It would have been an insane tow to Grand Rapids). The winner of the car needed to run a minimum number of events. The Canadian Ford sedan (still flathead powered) was supplied by Rawlings Motors in Forest, and Bill stayed at the Roche House in Watford when in town.
From the archives of Phil Ghysel. Thanks to Tom Hicks.
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