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Volume 1

From the archives of Marty Kobata...

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Picture File 72-01Cover-t.jpg Cover of the 1972 Golden State Classic program Picture File 72-02Schedule-t.jpg Schedule for the 1972 Golden State Classic series. Picture File 72-03Standley-t.jpg J.P. Standley #76
Picture File 72-04Kelley-t.jpg Earl Kelley #78 at San Jose Picture File 72-05Pearson-t.jpg Johnny Pearson #26 Picture File 72-06Damron-t.jpg Mike Damron #25
Picture File 72-07Rescino-t.jpg Nick Rescino - Rescino Bros. #96. "Quick Nick" could always be counted on for a fast qualifying lap, his cars consistently had the most horsepower of any car out there. Picture File 72-08Holley-t.jpg Armand Holley #54 Picture File 72-09Brazil-t.jpg Johnny Brazil in the Pete Winter #1
Picture File 72-10Lyndell-t.jpg Deake Lyndall #3 Picture File 72-11Woodward-t.jpg DeWayne Woodward in the Mueller #70. Note the Racing Wheels nespaper "Feature Winner" stickers on his car. I count 10! Picture File 72-12Gibson-t.jpg Todd Gibson #0
Picture File 72-13History-t.jpg History page 1. Picture File 72-13zHistory-t.jpg History page 2. Picture File 72-14Deschamps-t.jpg Bill Deschamps and the #2 Nelson Kinney super.
Picture File 72-15Seelman-t.jpg Micihgan driver Bob Seelman in the #74. Picture File 72-16Chalker-t.jpg Terry Chalker in the #35 at San Jose. Picture File 72-17Conley-t.jpg Jack Conley and the #27
Supermodifieds of California (70s)