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Volume 2

From the archives of Marty Kobata...

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Picture File 72-18Points-t.jpg Points structure. The series champ won $1500. How times change. 12th place was only worth $50.00!!! Picture File 72-19Lineup-t.jpg Trophy Dash and C-main lineup for the Nov. 4 race at Roseville, Ca's All American Speedway. 81 cars qualified, only 58 got to actually race! Picture File 72-20Lineup-t.jpg I attended the race at Roseville's All American Speedway, a tight, no-passing track Note that every race winner came out of the front row. It was just a matter of staying on the bottom, the top was WAY to slick for anyone to pass. Ollie Silva held off the pack to win the A-main.
Picture File 72-21Landry-t.jpg Jim Landry's #38 outside Star Speedway. Picture File 72-22Logan-t.jpg Johnny Logan in the #7 at Oswego. Picture File 72-23Neal-t.jpg Ron Neal of Ohio in the #16.
Picture File 72-24Desabrais-t.jpg Desi Desabrais #18 Picture File 72-25Rose-t.jpg Ernie Rose #10 Picture File 72-26Epperson-t.jpg Jack Epperson #18 at San Jose.
Picture File 72-27Sargent-t.jpg Mike Sargent - #7. Son of the great Marshall Sargent, Mike really didn't come into his own until they moved over to the dirt track at the San Jose fairgrounds in the early80's. Picture File 72-28Kaeding-t.jpg Howard Kaeding's #3 Flyer's Body Shop Chevy. Howard was usually the man to beat at San Jose in the early 70's Picture File 72-29VanConett-t.jpg Back in the days when you ran the same car on dirt and pavement, Leroy Van Connett was equally at home on both surfaces. He was an 8-time NARC sprint car champion, and was elected into the Sprint Car Hall of Fame a few years ago.
Picture File 72-30Edlund-t.jpg Everett Edlund - Vince Logoluso #17 Picture File 72-31Cetti-t.jpg Bob Cetti in the Dave Densmore #74. Picture File 72-32Scott-t.jpg 1971 Series champ Bill Scott.
Supermodifieds of California (70s)