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Volume 3

From the archives of Marty Kobata...

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Picture File 73-01Schedule-t.jpg The 1973 schedule. Howard Kaeding won the series championship. Picture File 73-02Lineup-t.jpg A and B main lineup for October 20 at Roseville's 1/4 mile All American Speedway.Note again all races won from the first or second row. Picture File 73-03Lineup-t.jpg C main and Consolation race lineup for October 20 at Roseville's 1/4 mile track.
Picture File 73-04Brazil-t.jpg Johnny Brazil #74 - Dave Densmore Chevy. Picture File 73-05Kelley-t.jpg Earl Kelley #78 - a converted Lola Formula 5000 car. Picture File 73-06Dalla-t.jpg Pete Dalla #89.
Picture File 73-07Albrechtsen-t.jpg Northwest driver John Albrechtsen's rear engine #5. I think this was a Tipke chassis Picture File 73-08Furtado-t.jpg Rod Furtado #9. Picture File 73-09Gibson-t.jpg Todd Gibson #0
Picture File 73-10Epperson-t.jpg Donnie Epperson's #71. Picture File 73-11Epperson-t.jpg Jack Epperson in the Tony Casho #44. Picture File 73-12Fender-t.jpg Rich Fender #18
Picture File 73-13Scott-t.jpg Veteran Bill Scott in the #5 Picture File 73-14Damron-t.jpg Mike Damron's #25 Cal Trenching roadster. Picture File 73-15Robertson-t.jpg George Robertson #3.
Supermodifieds of California (70s)