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Volume 4

From the archives of Marty Kobata...

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Picture File 73-16McLees-t.jpg 1973 International Drivers Champinoship Champ Gerry McLees' #0. The IDC was a six or seven race series run in the Pacific Northwest. Picture File 73-17Otis-t.jpg Ray Otis #4. Picture File 73-18Andrews-t.jpg Al Andrews #99.
Picture File 73-19Bakeman-t.jpg Bob Bakeman in the Albini-Peterson #70 offset. Picture File 73-20Hicks-t.jpg Dennis Hicks in the #73. Notice how the right front tire is much larger than the left rear. Picture File 73-21Agers-t.jpg Vaughn Agers #26.
Picture File 73-22Baker-t.jpg Bobby Baker #42.Norman-Walters roadster. Picture File 73-23Chambers-t.jpg Wendell Chambers in the #55. What I liked about this era was that there were lots of different ideas, not every car looked alike, like you see today. Chambers is going in the right direction here, balancing the rear wing with a large front one. Picture File 73-24Hopper-t.jpg Ed Hopper #54.
Picture File 73-25Silva-t.jpg Ollie Silva #0. Picture File 73-26Holley-t.jpg Armand Holley #55 Picture File 73-27Wlodyka-t.jpg Roland Wlodyka in the Bob Keenan #91. Roland later became a NASCAR crew chief, winning a NASCAR championship with Dale Earnhardt. [Check out the book on Dale Earnhardt, "At the Altar of Speed" for more on Roland. - Dan]
Picture File 73-28Montgomery-t.jpg Colorado youngster Rick Montgomery Picture File 73-29Kaeding-t.jpg Many-time State of California champ Howard Kaeding in Flyer Tabata's #3. Kaeding won a ton of races in this car. Picture File 73-30Rescino-t.jpg Nick Rescino Rescino Bros. #96. Nick was Howard Kaeding's main competition.
Supermodifieds of California (70s)