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Volume 6

From the archives of Marty Kobata...

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Picture File 74-20Lineup-t.jpg Dash, C and D main lineup for Stockton Speedway (October 26, 1974). Picture File 74-21Lineup-t.jpg A and B main lineup for Stockton Speedway (October 26, 1974). Picture File 74-16Gordon-t.jpg Chuck Gordon #87
Picture File 74-17Sue-t.jpg West Capitol Raceway Dirt track champ Wayne Sue Picture File 74-18Brazil-t.jpg Johnny Brazil in the #75. Picture File 74-19Epperson-t.jpg Donnie Epperson in the #71.
Picture File 74-22Kaeding-t.jpg Howard Kaeding #3. Picture File 74-23McLeod-t.jpg Don McLeod #33. Picture File 74-24Smith-t.jpg Roy Smith #7.
Picture File 74-25Rose-t.jpg Ernie Rose #4 Ron Kelley offset. Picture File 74-26Epperson-t.jpg "Racing Auctioneer" Jack Epperson. Picture File 74-27Townsend-t.jpg Don Townsend #77.
Picture File 74-28Baker-t.jpg Salt Lake champ Bobby Baker's #42 Picture File 74-29Furtado-t.jpg Rod Furtado in the Furtado's Automotive #9. Note the side-mounted radiators. Picture File 74-30Carman-t.jpg Marvin Carman #7.
Supermodifieds of California (70s)