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Volume 7

From the archives of Marty Kobata...

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Picture File 74-31Hopper-t.jpg Ed Hopper #54. Picture File 74-32McLees-t.jpg Northwest driver Gerry McLees in the #0 sprinter. Picture File 74-33Olsen-t.jpg Placerville champ Oly Olsen's #66.
Picture File 74-34BackCover-t.jpg Back cover of the 1974 Golden West Classic program. Picture File 74Stockton-Baker-t.jpg Dash winner #42 Bobby Baker. Picture File 74Stockton-Damron-t.jpg Mike Damron #25.
Picture File 74Stockton-Eiland-t.jpg #72 Jim Eiland. Picture File 74Stockton-Epperson-t.jpg #71a Donnie Epperson. Picture File 74Stockton-Frey-t.jpg Bobby Frey driving Tony Lavati's rear engine car.
Picture File 74Stockton-Furtado-t.jpg Rod Furtado #9. Picture File 74Stockton-Kaeding-t.jpg Howard Kaeding #3. Picture File 74Stockton-Lineup-t.jpg Lining up for the Dash.
Picture File 74Stockton-Pombo-t.jpg #3b Davey Pombo. Picture File 74Stockton-Sneva-t.jpg Jerry Sneva in the "Pink Lady" sprinter at Stockton.
Supermodifieds of California (70s)