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Volume 8

From the archives of Marty Kobata...

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Picture File 75-01Cover-t.jpg Front cover of the 1975 Golden West Classic program. Picture File 75-02Welcome-t.jpg Welcome from the 1975 Golden West Classic program. Picture File 75-03Schedule-t.jpg The schedule for the 1975 series. The series opened on a dirt track, Sacramento's West Capitol Raceway. To be eligible for the points championship, you had to qualify at all the races, but the paved track cars were hopelessly outclassed by the Sprint Cars. The race came a week after West Capitol's big Gold Cup Classic, so many midwestern drivers stayed out for another chance at some $$$. Indiana's Butch Wilkerson won the A-main. Other main event winners were: Johnny Brazil at San Jose, Howard Kaeding at Clovis, Kaeding again at Madera, Earl Kelley at the second San Jose race, and Todd Gibson at the Altamont finale. (Yes, the same Altamont made famous by the Rolling Stones)
Picture File 75-04Brazil-t.jpg Many-time Stockton Speedway champ Johnny Brazil in the Nelson Santos #100. Picture File 75-05Damron-t.jpg Mike Damron #25 Picture File 75-06Chambers-t.jpg 1974 Altamont Speedway champion Wendell Chambers in the Doglietto-Chambers Chevy. Note the staggered injectors and the wheel covers.
Picture File 75-07Edlund-t.jpg Everett Edlund in the Triguero Bros. super. The Triguero's later owned the sprint car Danny Smith won the Chico Gold cup with in the mid 80's. Picture File 75-08Kelley-t.jpg Earl Kelley in the Kelley Kutter #78 Picture File 75-09McLees-t.jpg Gerry McLees #0 Sprinter.
Picture File 75-10Sneva-t.jpg Jerry Sneva (Tom's brother) in the Art Sugai "Pink Lady" sprinter. Picture File 75-11Gibson-t.jpg Gibson won the Altamont race. Picture File 75-12Woodward-t.jpg 1974 Series Champ DeWayne Woodward and the Pete Winters #1x
Picture File 75-13Rescino-t.jpg Nick Rescino in the Ron Tomasello #16 Picture File 75-14Beard-t.jpg 1974 California State Champion Lloyd Beard in the #1 Picture File 75-15Ede-t.jpg 1973 Clovis champ Fred Ede III. Fred later owned a champ dirt car driven by Jeff Gordon.
Supermodifieds of California (70s)