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Volume 9

From the archives of Marty Kobata...

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Picture File 75-16Eiland-t.jpg Jim Eiland - #72 Jim Bohner Chevy. Picture File 75-17Furtado-t.jpg Rod Furtado #9 - Notice the side-mounted radiators. Picture File 75-18Smith-t.jpg Roy Smith in the Vantreight "Daffodil Special" wedge.
Picture File 75-19Baker-t.jpg 1975 Ohio 500 Champ Bobby Baker of Salt Lake City, Utah in the Norman & Walters Suntana Raceway Special. Picture File 75-20Lineup-t.jpg 1975 Golden West Classic lineup. Picture File 75-21Lineup-t.jpg 1975 Golden West Classic lineup.
Picture File 75-22Kaeding-t.jpg Howard Kaeding #3. Picture File 75-23Pombo-t.jpg Son of west coast legend Al Pombo, Davey was the 1974 champion at Clovis Speedway. This photo taken at Madera, I believe. Picture File 75-24Frey-t.jpg Bobby Frey #92
Picture File 75Altamont-Baker-t.jpg Altamont 1975 - Bobby Baker of Salt Lake City, Utah in the Norman & Walters Chevy. I think this was a Tipke chassis. Baker actually qualified Nick Rescino's car for the A-main (the series was all based on driver, not car.) , he qualified third without ever havng sat in the car before his first qualifying lap. (Rescino set fast time) Picture File 75Altamont-Furtado-t.jpg Altamont 1975 - Rod Furtado's #9. I always thought this car looked like an AMC Gremlin! (Check the roofline behind the driver). He qualified fifth for the A on this day. Picture File 75Altamont-Gibson-t.jpg 1975 - Altamont Speedway. Todd Gibson's "Flintstone Flyer". Todd won the A-main this day.
Picture File 75Altamont-Hamilton-t.jpg Altamont Speedway - Kenny Hamilton (Davey's dad) of Boise, Idaho, in the Al Crowell big block. This car was the subject of an AMT model kit in the late 70's. Kenny finished 11th in the B-main. Picture File 75Altamont-Kaeding-t.jpg Altamont 1975 - Howard Kaeding in the Flyer's Body Shop #3. Kaeding qualified second for the A-main Picture File 75Altamont-Smith-t.jpg Altamont Speedway 1975 - Roy Smith of Victoria, B.C. in the Vantreight "Daffodil Special". Smith finished second to Todd Gibson in the A-main this day. Smith later went on to become a champion in the NASCAR Winston West series.
Supermodifieds of California (70s)