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Picture File oswb0016-t.jpg Fred Graves from Central Square, NY in the Bill Marsh #37. I'm pretty sure that this is not a picture of Jim Shampine - it's Kempton Dates from Red Creek, New York and his first no.28 super, which he patterned after Jimmy's highly successful 8-Ball (shown in oswb0005.jpg in volume 1). Kemp used the same "engine on the centerline, driver offset to the left" design. Although this car never worked as well as Jimmy's, Kemp figured out how to build a super and was a master for many years at the big "O." If memory serves me correctly, this is also the car that Kemp launched over the wall in the second turn and through the billboard! The car was immediately christened the "Red Creek Rocket!" Picture File oswb0017-t.jpg Thought this was Ray Wright or Merle Huyser in this beautiful roadster, but it's actually Todd Gibson. The car belong to Bob Dorsey out Marion Ohio. It was a Kuzma car. Todd drove for Dorsey off and on between 65&67. I believe that picture is in 67 Oswego Classic. Picture File oswb0018-t.jpg Line up to register for the (I think) '68 Oswego Classic. The Bhenke Trucking little red #60 on the trailer in the forefront was driven by Jack Lindhout.
Picture File oswb0019-t.jpg John Spencer from Toronto, Ontario. John also ran a beautiful red #7 rear-engined car. Picture File oswb0020-t.jpg "Animal" Andy Brown from Hamilton, Ontario in his blue #00 roadster. In the off season, Andy played goalie for Detroit (one of the last goalies to not wear a mask). Picture File oswb0021-t.jpg This might be a 1970 shot of Jim Winks from Syracuse, NY. Could be a 1969 shot of Bruno Marcheson. Can you believe all that gas in a tank right behind the driver's head? That's not a fuel cell, it's a tank!
Picture File oswb0022-t.jpg Here's John Spencer from Toronto in his beautiful red #7 rear-engined super. It was the first good-looking one, if you ask me. Quite the racer, John had long sideburns at one point, and long hair and bushy mustache at another. Being 9 in 1968 (the 60's), I thought John was pretty hip of course. Picture File oswb0023-t.jpg Picture File oswb0024-t.jpg That's Jack Conley from Brighton Michigan (Jack's Speed Shop) in his classic white #27 "Unfurnished Apartment". The car was a mess, but Jack's motors were something else! He was an engine builder by trade. I'm pretty sure that's Mark Letcher in the yellow #15, he later drove a white #29.
Picture File oswb0025-t.jpg Nick Rowe from Portland, Michigan in the TrierWeiler Machine Shop car. Nick's white and blue #12 with the cigar smoking Woody Woodpecker on the side was a regular both at Berlin Speedway and at Oswego. Seems like wherever we went, we'd see Nick; Berlin, Sandusky, Eldora, Oswego. Picture File oswb0026-t.jpg A nice picture of Bentley Warren in Howard Purdy's "little deuce". What a hot little car. The driver probably helped too! Picture File oswb0027-t.jpg That's gotta be Fred Graves in the #92, altered to hold a big tank. 1968. The yellow car is #87 Bruce Craft from rochester N.Y.-this was his first time at Oswego. Seem to remember that he wrecked the car and came back with it painted orange and white, which he continued to use utill he quit racing supers.
Picture File oswb0028-t.jpg Al Wood in Paul Barnes' orange and white #39. Al finished second in the 1970 Oswego Classic. He could've used a taller cage. Picture File oswb0029-t.jpg Drivers meeting before the (1969?) Oswego Classic. Jack Conley, Red Barnhart, Bentley Warren, Warren Coniam, Norm Mackereth.
Jim Liccardi writes in "Starting with circle closest to the stand, going L-R...Jim Cheney(sipping soda), Ronnie Wallace, don't know=(d/k), Kempton Dates(Glasses), d/k. row 2-Fred Graves(big ears),d/k, Sam Carista(wiping eyes),d/k-head is down. Row 3-Mackereth, Nick Rowe(head turned), Andy Brown, guy w/smoke-d/k, bare chested guy-d/k. Row 4-black suit-d/k,Gary Witter, Ollie Silva w/glasses,d/k, guy w/ hands on knee-d/k, Jonnie Benson Sr., Jack Conley(standing), in front of Conley is Red Barnhart, guy kneeling behind Conley d/k, guy w/ hand to brow-d/k, guy partialy hidden by Coniam is Jim Shampine, Warren Coniam, Bentley Warren w/red bandana, Ken Andrews w/arms braced backwards. The manstanding in front on the right forground is Track Photographer Bill Hartwell. Tthe guy in the hat almost dead center, looking down, behind the rail, isn't that Bill McClure?"
Picture File oswb0030-t.jpg Uh-oh! Nolan Swift puts the 10-pins into the first turn wall at Oswego.