www.retroRockets.org Retro Rockets - Photo Archive Volume 41

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Picture File DW_WWR1-0002-t.jpg Race winners: Merlin Eversole in the X-15, Herb Robinson in the 1, Jim Smith in the 32, Hans Abbott with Rollie Beale, Mickey Shaw, Joe Stelter, Jack Conley, Al Beale in the 0 jr., Gordon Dukes in the 76, Jim McCune in the 88. Picture File DW_WWR1-0003-t.jpg Sketch of Rollie Beale. Picture File DW_WWR1-0004-t.jpg Jim Meeker wins, Ron Fisher in front of the 52, Rocky Fisher in the 44 Deco Sprint, Ed Howe, Tom Maier, Don Gregory wins, Joe Martincic in the rear engined #1.
Picture File DW_WWR1-0005-t.jpg Kenny Weld wins in midget, Jim Beckett wins in the #85 stocker, John Logan wins in the #7. Picture File DW_WWR1-0006-t.jpg Wins: Delmas Conley with Charlie Ross, Al Franks, Tom Colella, Wally Scherer with Jerry Nemire, Rodney Combs with Jim Petrey, Gordon Dukes in his wedge #62. Picture File DW_WWR1-0007-t.jpg Rollie Beale in the #2 sprinter, Rick Lane, Gary Bettenhausen in the #24 sprinter, Benny Rapp in the #34 sprinter, Stve Cannon and Joe Saldana in their sprinters.
Picture File DW_WWR1-0008-t.jpg Howie Beal in the #78 late model, Don Buchs in the #11 late model, Doc Bays in the #2 super, Baldy Baker in his roadster, Paul Baumhauer, Gary Allbrittain. Picture File DW_WWR1-0009-t.jpg Jr. Smalley in the #11 late model, Baldy Baker, Dick Gaines, Dick Raifsnyder, Al Liskai. Picture File DW_WWR1-0010-t.jpg Portraits: Bobby Black, Casey Jones, Jeff Bloom, Ralph Latham, Ray Kenens, Bob Coffey.
Picture File DW_WWR1-0011-t.jpg Armond Holley, Wayne Landon, Don Leonard, George Friend, Jim Linder, Bob Hunter. Picture File DW_WWR1-0012-t.jpg Wins: Steve Love, John Logan, Boyd Martin, Rich Newton, Jim Beckett, Paul Baumhauer. Picture File DW_WWR1-0013-t.jpg Rusty Kerns, Lou Mall, Ernie Lowe, Jack Lindhout, Al Jones, Jim Linder.
Picture File DW_WWR1-0014-t.jpg Bob Taylor, Phil Wendt, Ed Van Dyke, Rick Ward, Wayne Prechtel, John Theodorou. Picture File DW_WWR1-0015-t.jpg Dan Schuclick, Bob Smith, Bill Stauder, Jim Sexton, Ken Stauffer, George Friend. Picture File DW_WWR1-0016-t.jpg Gary Pope, Gil Sams, Jr., Roger Mele, Nick Rowe, Bob Seelman, Mark Reid.