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Picture File TW_GP2_0001-t.jpg Art Kimball's 1968 Butler modified, purchased in 2000 by Terry Woodin. Picture File TW_GP2_0002-t.jpg Art Kimball's 1968 Butler modified, purchased in 2000 by Terry Woodin. Geesh Terry, are you running out of room in your garage?! Picture File landon_44-2-t.jpg Jim writes in: " I recently came across kind of sad find. The first attachment is a picture of Wayne Landon in a car that he bought from Ken Bartholomew in 1969. It was purple #44. Well Wayne drove it for quite a few years and was helped by a local speed shop owner, Billy Law, when visiting Oswego. Well at the end of July of 1977, Wayne and Billy decided that they would build a new car for the '77 Classic. They had less that 1 month to accomplish this feat. In the process they stripped this car of it's usableparts and the frame was discarded and set to one side on the land that Law has the Speed Shop on. I had heard about it, and one day was able to see it from the road. It was early spring and the grass and weeds had not had a chance to grow yet so the frame was quite visible. I always looked for it each time I passed by through the years, always wanting to stop and take a look at it, but could never get close enough with the weeds and grass growing around, and through it. About a month ago I was passing by and found the weeds to be cut down and the frame pulled out as if to be moved or somebody could see it, so I went right home and came back with my camera and took some pictures. It is truly sad to look at this frame today, and know it's rich history.
Picture File landon_44-t.jpg Wayne Landon racing in the 44. Picture File frame_1-t.jpg The frame of the #44. 1 of 3. Picture File frame_2-t.jpg The frame of the #44. 2 of 3.
Picture File frame_3-t.jpg The frame of the #44. 3 of 3. Picture File 89_01-t.jpg This is the car built by Jim Shampine and Clyde Booth in 1982. Jim's last supermodified. The car is now owned by a man in Haverhill Ma, Picture File Gosek00-t.jpg Joe Gosek in 1985 or 86, I'm not sure which year.
Picture File Heveron81-t.jpg This car was originally built for Doug Heveron in 1980. This picture is from 1981. Picture File Hoag2-t.jpg Maynard Troyer built this car for Dean Hoag in 1979. The picture was taken in one of the car's first appearances at Oswego. If you look close, Maynard is driving. Picture File Os_02-t.jpg Jim Shampine. This picture is from 1977.
Picture File Os_05-t.jpg Jim Shampine, 1978. Notice the eleven win stickers on the side of the car. This was the season Jim set the record for the most consecutive wins. Picture File Os_06-t.jpg This picture is from 1981. the last season Jim ran this car. It was sold to Norm Foster and driven by Mike McLaughlin in 1982. Picture File Pair_72-t.jpg The wedge super and the modified, picture taken in 1972.