Cover of the 1972 Golden State Classic program, 72-01Cover.jpg, Volume1.
  Schedule for the 1972 Golden State Classic series., 72-02Schedule.jpg, Volume1.
  J.P. Standley #76, 72-03Standley.jpg, Volume1.
  Earl Kelley #78 at San Jose, 72-04Kelley.jpg, Volume1.
  Johnny Pearson #26, 72-05Pearson.jpg, Volume1.
  Mike Damron #25, 72-06Damron.jpg, Volume1.
  Nick Rescino - Rescino Bros. #96. "Quick Nick" could always be counted on for a fast qualifying lap, his cars consistently had the most horsepower of any car out there., 72-07Rescino.jpg, Volume1.
  Armand Holley #54, 72-08Holley.jpg, Volume1.
  Johnny Brazil in the Pete Winter #1, 72-09Brazil.jpg, Volume1.
  Deake Lyndall #3, 72-10Lyndell.jpg, Volume1.
  DeWayne Woodward in the Mueller #70. Note the Racing Wheels nespaper "Feature Winner" stickers on his car. I count 10!, 72-11Woodward.jpg, Volume1.
  Todd Gibson #0, 72-12Gibson.jpg, Volume1.
  History page 1., 72-13History.jpg, Volume1.
  History page 2., 72-13zHistory.jpg, Volume1.
  Bill Deschamps and the #2 Nelson Kinney super., 72-14Deschamps.jpg, Volume1.
  Micihgan driver Bob Seelman in the #74., 72-15Seelman.jpg, Volume1.
  Terry Chalker in the #35 at San Jose., 72-16Chalker.jpg, Volume1.
  Jack Conley and the #27, 72-17Conley.jpg, Volume1.
  Points structure. The series champ won $1500. How times change. 12th place was only worth $50.00!!!, 72-18Points.jpg, Volume2.
  Trophy Dash and C-main lineup for the Nov. 4 race at Roseville, Ca's All American Speedway. 81 cars qualified, only 58 got to actually race!, 72-19Lineup.jpg, Volume2.
  I attended the race at Roseville's All American Speedway, a tight, no-passing track Note that every race winner came out of the front row. It was just a matter of staying on the bottom, the top was WAY to slick for anyone to pass. Ollie Silva held off the pack to win the A-main., 72-20Lineup.jpg, Volume2.
  Jim Landry's #38 oustide Star Speedway., 72-21Landry.jpg, Volume2.
  Johnny Logan in the #7 at Sandusky., 72-22Logan.jpg, Volume2.
  Ron Neal of Ohio in the #16., 72-23Neal.jpg, Volume2.
  Desi Desabrais #18, 72-24Desabrais.jpg, Volume2.
  Ernie Rose #10, 72-25Rose.jpg, Volume2.
  Jack Epperson #18 at San Jose., 72-26Epperson.jpg, Volume2.
  Mike Sargent - #7. Son of the great Marshall Sargent, Mike really didn't come into his own until they moved over to the dirt trakc at the San Jose fairgrounds in the early80's., 72-27Sargent.jpg, Volume2.
  Howard Kaeding's #3 Flyer's Body Shop Chevy. Howard was usually the man to beat at San Jose in the early 70's, 72-28Kaeding.jpg, Volume2.
  Back in the days when you ran the same car on dirt and pavement, Leroy Van Connett was equally at home on both surfaces. He was an 8-time NARC sprint car champion, and was elected into the Sprint Car Hall of Fame a few years ago., 72-29VanConett.jpg, Volume2.
  Everett Edlund - Vince Logoluso #17, 72-30Edlund.jpg, Volume2.
  Bob Cetti in the Dave Densmore #74., 72-31Cetti.jpg, Volume2.
  1971 Series champ Bill Scott., 72-32Scott.jpg, Volume2.
  The 1973 schedule. Notice the first race was on the dirt trackat Clovis. This track was a flat, hard packed 1/2 mile that you had to run like a paved track,the dirt was that hard! Howard Kaeding won the series championship., 73-01Schedule.jpg, Volume3.
  A and B main lineup for October 20 at Roseville's 1/4 mile All American Speedway.Note again all races won from the first or second row., 73-02Lineup.jpg, Volume3.
  C main and Consolation race lineup for October 20 at Roseville's 1/4 mile track., 73-03Lineup.jpg, Volume3.
  Johnny Brazil #74 - Dave Densmore Chevy., 73-04Brazil.jpg, Volume3.
  Earl Kelley #78 - a converted Lola Formula 5000 car., 73-05Kelley.jpg, Volume3.
  Pete Dalla #89., 73-06Dalla.jpg, Volume3.
  Northwest driver John Albrechtsen's rear engine #5. I think this was a Tipke chassis, 73-07Albrechtsen.jpg, Volume3.
  Rod Furtado #9., 73-08Furtado.jpg, Volume3.
  Todd Gibson #0, 73-09Gibson.jpg, Volume3.
  Donnie Epperson's #71., 73-10Epperson.jpg, Volume3.
  Jack Epperson in the Tony Casho #44., 73-11Epperson.jpg, Volume3.
  Rich Fender #18, 73-12Fender.jpg, Volume3.
  Veteran Bill Scott in the #5, 73-13Scott.jpg, Volume3.
  Mike Damron's #25 Cal Trenching roadster., 73-14Damron.jpg, Volume3.
  George Robertson #3., 73-15Robertson.jpg, Volume3.
  1973 International Drivers Champinoship Champ Gerry McLees' #0. The IDC was a six or seven race series run in the Pacific Northwest., 73-16McLees.jpg, Volume4.
  Ray Otis #4., 73-17Otis.jpg, Volume4.
  Al Andrews #99., 73-18Andrews.jpg, Volume4.
  Bob Bakeman in the Albini-Peterson #70 offset., 73-19Bakeman.jpg, Volume4.
  Dennis Hicks in the #52. Notice how the right front tire is much larger than the left rear., 73-20Hicks.jpg, Volume4.
  Vaughn Agers #26., 73-21Agers.jpg, Volume4.
  Bobby Baker #42.Norman-Walters roadster., 73-22Baker.jpg, Volume4.
  Wendell Chambers in the #55. What I liked about this era was that there were lots of different ideas, not every car looked alike, like you see today. Chambers is going in the right direction here, balancing the rear wing with a large front one., 73-23Chambers.jpg, Volume4.
  Ed Hopper #54., 73-24Hopper.jpg, Volume4.
  Ollie Silva #0., 73-25Silva.jpg, Volume4.
  Armand Holley #55, 73-26Holley.jpg, Volume4.
  Roland Wylodyka in the Bob Keenan #91. Roland later became a NASCAR crew chief, winning a NASCAR championship with Dale Earnhardt. [Check out the book on Dale Earnhardt, "At the Altar of Speed" for more on Roland. - Dan], 73-27Wlodyka.jpg, Volume4.
  Colorado youngster Rick Montgomery, 73-28Montgomery.jpg, Volume4.
  Many-time State of California champ Howard Kaeding in Flyer Tabata's #3. Kaeding won a ton of races in this car., 73-29Kaeding.jpg, Volume4.
  Nick Rescino Rescino Bros. #96. Nick was Howard Kaeding's main competition., 73-30Rescino.jpg, Volume4.
  The cover of the 1974 Golden State Classic program., 74-01Cover.jpg, Volume5.
  Welcome page from the 1974 Golden State Classic program., 74-02Welcome.jpg, Volume5.
  Schedule from the 1974 Golden State Classic program., 74-03Schedule.jpg, Volume5.
  Editorial from the 1974 Golden State Classic program., 74-04Editorial.jpg, Volume5.
  Don Powell's Buick powered Hamilton Hatchery Roadster., 74-05Powell.jpg, Volume5.
  Mike Damron #25 - offset wedge roadster., 74-06Damron.jpg, Volume5.
  Nick Rescino #96., 74-07Rescino.jpg, Volume5.
  Dick Wilskey is the father of NST Sprint Car driver Shawna Wilskey., 74-08Wilskey.jpg, Volume5.
  Joel Terry's offset roadster., 74-09Terry.jpg, Volume5.
  Dave Bowling in his rear engine car. Many drivers tried rear-engine cars out west, but they never really caught on, most of the tracks were too short and tight for a rear engine car to be effective., 74-10Bowling.jpg, Volume5.
  State Champ Lloyd Beard in the #42, 74-11Beard.jpg, Volume5.
  Jim Perry #007 - Rear engine car., 74-12Perry.jpg, Volume5.
  Ohio invader Gary Allbritan's #75a roadster., 74-13Allbritain.jpg, Volume5.
  Fred Ede's Olympia Beer #4., 74-14Ede.jpg, Volume5.
  Joe McGee #17., 74-15McGee.jpg, Volume5.
  Dash, C and D main lineup for Stockton Speedway (October 26, 1974)., 74-20Lineup.jpg, Volume6.
  A and B main lineup for Stockton Speedway (October 26, 1974)., 74-21Lineup.jpg, Volume6.
  Chuck Gordon #87, 74-16Gordon.jpg, Volume6.
  West Capitol Raceway Dirt track champ Wayne Sue, 74-17Sue.jpg, Volume6.
  Johnny Brazil in the #75., 74-18Brazil.jpg, Volume6.
  Donnie Epperson in the #71., 74-19Epperson.jpg, Volume6.
  Howard Kaeding #3., 74-22Kaeding.jpg, Volume6.
  Don McLeod #33., 74-23McLeod.jpg, Volume6.
  Roy Smith #7., 74-24Smith.jpg, Volume6.
  Ernie Rose #4 Ron Kelley offset., 74-25Rose.jpg, Volume6.
  "Racing Auctioneer" Jack Epperson., 74-26Epperson.jpg, Volume6.
  Don Townsend #77., 74-27Townsend.jpg, Volume6.
  Salt Lake champ Bobby Baker's #42, 74-28Baker.jpg, Volume6.
  Rod Furtado in the Furtado's Automotive #9. Note the side-mounted radiators., 74-29Furtado.jpg, Volume6.
  Marvin Carman #7., 74-30Carman.jpg, Volume6.
  Ed Hopper #54., 74-31Hopper.jpg, Volume7.
  Northwest driver Gerry McLees in the #0 sprinter., 74-32McLees.jpg, Volume7.
  Placerville champ Oly Olsen's #66., 74-33Olsen.jpg, Volume7.
  Back cover of the 1974 Golden West Classic program., 74-34BackCover.jpg, Volume7.
  Dash winner #42 Bobby Baker., 74Stockton-Baker.jpg, Volume7.
  Mike Damron #25., 74Stockton-Damron.jpg, Volume7.
  #72 Jim Eiland., 74Stockton-Eiland.jpg, Volume7.
  #71a Donnie Epperson., 74Stockton-Epperson.jpg, Volume7.
  Bobby Frey driving Tony Lavati's rear engine car., 74Stockton-Frey.jpg, Volume7.
  Rod Furtado #9., 74Stockton-Furtado.jpg, Volume7.
  Howard Kaeding #3., 74Stockton-Kaeding.jpg, Volume7.
  Lining up for the Dash., 74Stockton-Lineup.jpg, Volume7.
  #3b Davey Pombo., 74Stockton-Pombo.jpg, Volume7.
  Jerry Sneva in the "Pink Lady" sprinter at Stockton., 74Stockton-Sneva.jpg, Volume7.
  Front cover of the 1975 Golden West Classic program., 75-01Cover.jpg, Volume8.
  Welcome from the 1975 Golden West Classic program., 75-02Welcome.jpg, Volume8.
  The schedule for the 1975 series. The series opened on a dirt track, Sacramento's West Capitol Raceway. To be eligible for the points championship, you had to qualify at all the races, but the paved track cars were hopelessly outclassed by the Sprint Cars. The race came a week after West Capitol's big Gold Cup Classic, so many midwestern drivers stayed out for another chance at some $$$. Indiana's Butch Wilkerson won the A-main. Other main event winners were: Johnny Brazil at San Jose, Howard Kaeding at Clovis, Kaeding again at Madera, Earl Kelley at the second San Jose race, and Todd Gibson at the Altamont finale. (Yes, the same Altamont made famous by the Rolling Stones), 75-03Schedule.jpg, Volume8.
  Many-time Stockton Speedway champ Johnny Brazil in the Nelson Santos #100., 75-04Brazil.jpg, Volume8.
  Mike Damron #25, 75-05Damron.jpg, Volume8.
  1974 Altamont Speedway champion Wendell Chambers in the Doglietto-Chambers Chevy. Note the staggered injectors and the wheel covers., 75-06Chambers.jpg, Volume8.
  Everett Edlund in the Triguero Bros. super. The Triguero's later owned the sprint car Danny Smith won the Chico Gold cup with in the mid 80's., 75-07Edlund.jpg, Volume8.
  Earl Kelley in the Kelley Kutter #78, 75-08Kelley.jpg, Volume8.
  Gerry McLees #0 Sprinter., 75-09McLees.jpg, Volume8.
  Jerry Sneva (Tom's brother) in the Art Sugai "Pink Lady" sprinter., 75-10Sneva.jpg, Volume8.
  Gibson won the Altamont race., 75-11Gibson.jpg, Volume8.
  1974 Series Champ DeWayne Woodward and the Pete Winters #1x, 75-12Woodward.jpg, Volume8.
  Nick Rescino in the Ron Tomasello #16, 75-13Rescino.jpg, Volume8.
  1974 California State Champion Lloyd Beard in the #1, 75-14Beard.jpg, Volume8.
  1973 Clovis champ Fred Ede III. Fred later owned a champ dirt car driven by Jeff Gordon., 75-15Ede.jpg, Volume8.
  Jim Eiland - #72 Jim Bohner Chevy., 75-16Eiland.jpg, Volume9.
  Rod Furtado #9 - Notice the side-mounted radiators., 75-17Furtado.jpg, Volume9.
  Roy Smith in the Vantreight "Daffodil Special" wedge., 75-18Smith.jpg, Volume9.
  1975 Ohio 500 Champ Bobby Baker of Salt Lake City, Utah in the Norman & Walters Suntana Raceway Special., 75-19Baker.jpg, Volume9.
  1975 Golden West Classic lineup., 75-20Lineup.jpg, Volume9.
  1975 Golden West Classic lineup., 75-21Lineup.jpg, Volume9.
  Howard Kaeding #3., 75-22Kaeding.jpg, Volume9.
  Son of west coast legend Al Pombo, Davey was the 1974 champion at Clovis Speedway. This photo taken at Madera, I believe., 75-23Pombo.jpg, Volume9.
  Bobby Frey #92, 75-24Frey.jpg, Volume9.
  Altamont 1975 - Bobby Baker of Salt Lake City, Utah in the Norman & Walters Chevy. I think this was a Tipke chassis. Baker actually qualified Nick Rescino's car for the A-main (the series was all based on driver, not car.) , he qualified third without ever havng sat in the car before his first qualifying lap. (Rescino set fast time), 75Altamont-Baker.jpg, Volume9.
  Altamont 1975 - Rod Furtado's #9. I always thought this car looked like an AMC Gremlin! (Check the roofline behind the driver). He qualified fifth for the A on this day., 75Altamont-Furtado.jpg, Volume9.
  1975 - Altamont Speedway. Todd Gibson's "Flintstone Flyer". Todd won the A-main this day., 75Altamont-Gibson.jpg, Volume9.
  Altamont Speedway - Kenny Hamilton (Davey's dad) of Boise, Idaho, in the Al Crowell big block. This car was the subject of an AMT model kit in the late 70's. Kenny finished 11th in the B-main., 75Altamont-Hamilton.jpg, Volume9.
  Altamont 1975 - Howard Kaeding in the Flyer's Body Shop #3. Kaeding qualified second for the A-main, 75Altamont-Kaeding.jpg, Volume9.
  Altamont Speedway 1975 - Roy Smith of Victoria, B.C. in the Vantreight "Daffodil Special". Smith finished second to Todd Gibson in the A-main this day. Smith later went on to become a champion in the NASCAR Winston West series., 75Altamont-Smith.jpg, Volume9.
  Nick Rescino - San Jose Speedway - This is the 1972 version of the car that would later become nick's dirt track super. You can tell by the roll cage this is the same car as in the later photos., 72-07Rescino-a.jpg, Volume10.
  One of Nick's first visits to West Capitol Raceway in Sacramento, Ca. Notice the motor is still pretty far forward., 76Rescino1.jpg, Volume10.
  Now, the motor's been moved back, and a new innovation appeared, downtubes extending from the roll cage to the frame. Remeber this was 1976, probably 7-8 years before this appeared on a Sprint Car!!!, 76Rescino2.jpg, Volume10.
  This was the final configuration of the car, now fully set up for the 1/4 mile clay track of West Capitol Raceway in Sacramento, Ca. Nick won the 1979 track champinoship. The final champinoship in the track's history. He also, I believe, is the last driver to win an World of Outlaws feature in a Super Modified., 77Rescino3.jpg, Volume10.
  Bruce Canepa in the #95. Bruce later on went to become a Porsche distributor., 74Key_Canepa.jpg, Volume11.
  Jack Epperson in the Jim Chrisman #18 Chevy., 74Key_Epperson.jpg, Volume11.
  Ed Hopper in the Hopper Bros. #54., 74Key_Hopper.jpg, Volume11.
  Howard Kaeding in the Flyer's Body Shop #3. Howard is the father of many-time NARC champ Brent Kaeding, and grandfather of Tim and Bud. Howard was still driving well into his 60's!!, 74Key_Kaeding.jpg, Volume11.
  The lineup for the 1974 Johnny Key Memorial 150 lap race., 74Key_Lineup.jpg, Volume11.
  Story from the 1974 Johnny Key Memorial 150 program., 74Key_Story1.jpg, Volume11.
  Story from the 1974 Johnny Key Memorial 150 program., 74Key_Story2.jpg, Volume11.
  Program from the 1974 Johnny Key Memorial race. 150 laps on the high banked 1/3 mile oval. A driver had to qualify for this race by being one of the five highest finishers who had not qualified for this over the preceeeding five weeks. So you had to be a "regular". No outside invaders at this race.The starting lineup was straight up, by points.Nick Rescino won, with Johnny Brazil coming out of the B-main to finish second. , 74KeyProgram.jpg, Volume11.
  Dave Bowling in the Dave Hails #98 at San Jose. (1974 Johnny Key Memorial Race), 75Bowling.jpg, Volume11.
  Howard Kaeding on the high banked 1/3 mile San Jose Speedway in the Flyer's Body Shop #3. (1974 Johnny Key Memorial Race.), 75Kaeding.jpg, Volume11.
  Nick Rescino in the Ron Tomasello #16 at San Jose. Note the layover fuel injectors. (1974 Johnny Key Memorial Race), 75Rescino.jpg, Volume11.
  DeWayne Woodward in the Pete Winters #1x. Woodward would go on to become the Golden West Classic Champion later in this year. (1974 Johnny Key Memorial Race)., 75Woodward.jpg, Volume11.